Answers For New Christians Ten-Pack

Calm your kids fears with Answers For New Christians

Answers For New Christians calms kids fears and helps them remember their salvation experience. Perfect for family devotions. Kids love to color while you read. 72 pages for elementary children.

Answers For New Christians helps kids understand salvation. It also helps them begin to grow as Christians, and busts their doubts and fears. Answers helps kids remember their salvation experience by offering a place to record special salvation memories in the back. Kids love coloring the pictures and doing the Bible fill-ins. It is perfect for family devotions. You read, they color and do the mazes, puzzles and workbook pages. Kids also love Disciple Dan and BiC the baby Christian. Answers For New Christians has 72 pages chocked full of assurance of salvation and answers to tough questions about Christian doctrine. Get Answers For New Christians for the kids that you love.

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